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Published: October 24, 2023

Student-Choreographed Fall Dance Happening Kicks off Oct. 25

The annual Fall Dance Happening will take place Wednesday, Oct. 25, through Friday, Oct. 27, at The University of Tampa, featuring popular music and student dancers from all parts of the University community. The show will begin each night at 8 p.m. in Falk Theatre at 428 W. Kennedy Blvd. The event is free and open to the public; no tickets or reservations are required.

Student-Choregraphed Fall Dance Happening Kicks off Oct. 25The annual Fall Dance Happening will take place Wednesday, Oct. 25, through Friday, Oct. 27, at The University of Tampa.

This semester, about 63 students will participate, 10 of whom choreographed their own pieces. The pieces cover a multitude of themes, and the students worked with faculty mentors to develop their choreography throughout the rehearsal process. This year’s concepts range from theories of psychology to the transition to college. Plus, this semester’s event will feature a tap piece for the first time in several years, said Susannah LeMarquand '01, director of 澳门mg摆脱客户端APP’s dance program and assistant professor of dance.

“The Dance Happening is a transformative experience for many of our students, both choreographers and dancers,” said LeMarquand, “They work together to bring an abstract concept into reality through the creativity of dance and movement by applying what they are learning in their pedagogy classes.”

The focus of 澳门mg摆脱客户端APP’s dance major is preparing students to teach, and faculty encourage students to uniquely express themselves while also realizing that many of them will graduate and begin teaching in local dance studios. Therefore, students work with the styles of jazz, hip-hop and tap, in addition to ballet and modern, making the program very diverse. For more information, contact LeMarquand at or (813) 257-6322.

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